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Being a Tplinkwifi user means your internet is fired up! Stable internet all over the place, blazing fast speed, and nonstop streaming. But whenever Tplinkwifi net gives you Login issues it is really disturbing, isn’t it? So worry not fellas, here in this guide we have shared all the common issues that you may face with your TP-link wifi at your home or at your workplace.

Our guide consists of easy, descriptive, and stepwise instructions that you can follow to fix the Tplinkwifi issues at home. Determine your TP-link issue and scroll down to learn to troubleshoot.

Why I Can't log in to the Archer TP-Link Router?

TP login issues have become very common among the TP-Link users. Accessing the TP-Link Web-Based Interface is the foremost thing to do before you can make changes to TP-Link settings. Moreover, it is the only way to configure your TP-link Router. Accessing the internet only doesn’t fix your concerns to configure your TP-link router but to complete the tplinkwifi net login page lets you personalize it. 

We have mentioned some troubleshooting steps below for your easy reference. Before you start we must say that there are chances that you may not be able to fix the things and that too only if you skip any step. So do not skip any step and follow each and every step mindful to get access to the login page.

Follow below steps for login

  1. In case you are using the Ethernet cable to access the TPlink interface, you must refer to the QIG to ensure that the physical connection between your end-device and the TP-Link is good. 
  2. If you see that the LAN cable/ ethernet LED is not lit, you must try to connect it to the different ports to avoid LAN cable and faulty port issue. 
  3. Once you connect your TPlink router to the computer, you must log in to the Web-based interface through the default domain name or default.  
  4. For logging in, open any browser in your computer and in the address bar/ URL type and press enter.
  5. You can also check the default IP address and domain name on the installation guide received with your tplinkwifi router. 
  6. Once you press enter it will prompt you to the TP-Link Login Screen. 
  7. Here you need to enter the TPlink router login username and password. If you successfully reach the TPlink login page but fail to login by using correct login credentials. You must use the tp-link.

Note: The TP-Link default username and password are both admins. The condition is that you shouldn’t have changed the default login credentials before. If you have changed it and don’t remember it either, the only option left for you is to RESET your TP-link router. Scroll down to know how you can reset. you can access default login. router model login

Follow below steps for accessing Tplinkwifi net Login Page;-

  1. By entering the default credentials you will be able to login to the TPlink router. If you were able to log in via personalized credentials that is also the same thing.
  2. Access the Tplinkwifi net web interface to personalize your router.
  3. Now if you don’t remember the login password and changed the default credentials as well, RESET your TP-link router. 
  4. Locate the RESET button on the TP-link router and keep pressing it for a few seconds until the LED light blinks and then turns OFF. 
  5. Wait for a few seconds, it will turn ON on its own. You don’t have to do anything with the main power switch of the router.

Note: Performing a RESET on your TP-Link router erases all the personalized settings that you may have made on your TP-link such as passwords, restricted access over the internet, parental controls, WiFi settings, etc. These cannot be undone after you perform a reset.connection. 

You must do this over a simplified connection so that you don’t get too mixed up in the cable joints. Do not connect any other device like server or any modem because these may impact on the running and quick connectivity of your TP-Link. 

In case a wireless router gets disconnected from the modem or from the extender, you can connect its one end to the Router making a wireless

Problem not solved? Follow the below steps:-

How to complete TPlink Deco Home Mesh WiFi SystemSetup?

Note: Before you initiate the TP-Link Deco Setup process you must disable the Power saving mode of your Smartphone.

Few Requirements for Deco Home Mesh Wifi Setup Tplink:-

  • Availability of deco Mobile App. It is easily available on Android and iOS as well!

Follow the below steps to complete the Deco Setup:-

We have used Deco P7 just for giving you these instructions.  The steps may vary with the different versions of the application. Although most of these steps are similar.

  1. First of all, open the Deco App in your Smartphone.
  2. It will take you to the Login Screen, Sign up if you’re a new user and create a TP-link ID. Note: If you’re an existing user and already have a TPLINK Cloud account, you can simply log in to your account.
  3. Once you have entered the Login credentials, tap on “let’s Begin”.
  4. You will see a Deco icon according to your Deco’s model number, select it.
  5. It will tell you what exactly is available in the TPLINK router box. Unpack it and verify the availability of all the tools.
  6. Click “Next” and then turn Off the power for your Modem and tap “Next”.
  7. Take an Ethernet cable and connect one of your Deco Units to the Modem. 
  8. Power ON both the devices and tap “NEXT” once they are fully booted.
  9. You need to wait until the “Internet” light stabilizes on your Modem. Once it does, tap “Internet LED”.
  10. Now you have to turn ON the Bluetooth on your Smartphone and wait for Deco’s LED light pulses blue in color. 
  11. Now your smartphone will also make an attempt to locate the Deco network and connect to it.
  12. You can assign a room to the Deco and then it will automatically detect the Internet connection type provided by the ISP.

    Note: Now we will tell you steps when you cannot find the Deco here.  Basically you need to ensure few things such as:-

  • Make sure the device you are using has Bluetooth 4.0 or later.
  • Try to switch your smartphone. Access the Deco through another smartphone to avoid and smartphone issues here.

For your knowledge

We will tell you here that there are 3 types of Internet connection.  The first one is Dynamic Ip, PPPoE and the third one is the static IP. If you don’t get into much technical information you must contact your Internet Service Provider and ask all the possible information about your internet connection type as per the Router connection requirement. 

tplinkwifi range extender
Still, we will help you sort out the things here. If your Internet Service Provider has VLAN settings, you need to fill in the VLAN settings in the required fields of Deco App and tap “Next.
    13. Setup a new WiFi network name (SSID) and create a new password for your network. Click “Next”.
    14. The Deco app will automatically test the internet connection and finish the setup process. It’s up to you to select “I’m Done for now” or add more Deco Units to on to continue.  

I Can't connect to the TP-Link Modem TD-W8961N?

TP-Link Modem TD W8961N sometimes creates connection issues but this can be fixed by just ensuring a few things. Although this is a pre-setup measure, you must ensure that the broadband service provided by your ISP should be available before the installation of your TP-link device. For any issues related to the internet, you must contact your ISP. 
Keep your hands dry because cable connection always engages you into electricity/ power connectivity stuff.

Follow the below steps to your Install your TP-link W8961N:-

a. This connection will be an ADSL Line connection.

  • Method One: Direct connection between the Modem Router to the Phone Jack with the ADSL line.
  • Method Two: Separate it with a Splitter and connect the Modem Router to the Phone Jack. External Splitter is used to divide the Data and voice so that you can access the data while on a call. The External Splitter has three ports ahead:
    • LINE: Wall Jack Connection.
    • Phone: Phone Sets Connection
    • MODEM: ADSL modem router connection.
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b. This connection will be a computer to the Modem Router.

  • Method One: Wired/ Cable connection. An ethernet cable will be used to connect the computer to the LAN port of the Modem Router.
  • Method 2: Wireless Connection. Locate your Router network in the available network list of your Smart device and join the network by entering the SSID name and password. The password is always printed on the labels pasted on the back of the router.
  • Method Three: WPS connection. Wireless devices that support WPS such as tablets, Android phones, most USB network cards can be connected. For your knowledge, WPS is not supported by iOS devices.

Note: If the wireless function of a modem is disabled, the WPS function cannot be configured in it. Also when the wireless encryption is WEP, the WPS function will be disabled.

Note: If the wireless function of a modem is disabled, the WPS function cannot be configured in it. Also when the wireless encryption is WEP, the WPS function will be disabled.

How do I set up the TP-Link Extender with the TP-Link Archer C7?

Before you proceed ahead and follow the step by step instructions to set up the TP-Link Extender with TP-link Archer C7, you must know that the TP-Link Extender is also known as a ‘Range Extender‘. Range Extenders expand and strengthen the WiFi coverage around your place. 

Be mindful of the three main steps whenever you’re to set up a TP-Link Extender:-

  1. TP-Link Extender, Computer and Power Source connection
  2. TP-Link Extender using WPS button manual configuration
  3. Use the TP-Link Extender Proper placement.

This might sound confusing but we will tell you to fix it in a simple manner via the following steps:-

  1. Place your TPLink Extender near a power outlet so that you can turn it ON easily.
  2. Now take an ethernet cable and connect your computer and TP-Link Extender. 
  3. Once you have connected both the devices, press the WPS button on the Main Router or Access POint whichever you wanna call it. Then immediately press the WPS button on the TP-Link Extender. 
  4. For your knowledge, the WPS is generally present at the backside of the device. Although it may vary with different models of the TP-link extenders.
  5. More specifically, you need to press the WPS button on the extender after you press the WPS  button on Access Point within 2 minutes. 
  6. Ensure the WPS LED of your TP-link Router and TP-link Extender Blinks after you press the WPS button. If it doesn’t, you can follow this process again. 
  7. Once it does, wait for 2 minutes for the perfect synchronization of these two devices.
  8. You can now check the signal bards telling you how strong the connection is. 
  9. Now you have successfully synced the TPlink Router and TPlink Extender. Access Tplinkwifi to personalize your Router. range extender gui