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In this guide we are going to solve most of your tplinkwifi password issues. We assure you that the steps are easy and well descriptive for your ease of access. Read the whole guide to get the solution to your tplinkwifi problem and in case of any other issue, please click here.

How to recover tplinkwifi forgot login password?

You must be aware that the default login username and password of Tplinkwifi are both “admin”. Of Course it is advised to change these credentials but the key point is to remember what credentials you have set in their place.

If you want to recover the tplinkwifi forgot password, then you must remember the default username and password of the tplinkwifi. If you have changed the tplinkwifi default username and password and don’t remember them now, there is no way you can recover the lost password of tplinkwifi.

The only solution is to RESET tplinkwifi and configure it as a new one

Let’s tell you the steps to RESET tplinkwifi if you forgot tplinkwifi admin password:- 

  1. Locate the RESET button on the rear panel of the Tplink router. 
  2. Press it directly and keep holding it for 10 seconds until the LED blinks and them stops. 
  3. Make sure you are doing RESET while the TPlink router is turned ON. Do not shut down the router during this process as it may damage your TPlink router.
  4. After 10 seconds release the button and wait until the device reboot on its own. 
Access the Router once it is turned on:-
  1. Get onto your computer and connect it with your TPlink router network. 
  2. You can now use the default credentials i.e. both username and password is admin. 
  3. Open any web browser in your computer and enter or its default IP address into the URL.
  4. Once prompted to the login page you need to enter tplinkwifi default username and password
  5. Ensure the username and password both are mentioned in lower case characters.
  6. There is some technical information we’re gonna tell you so please give attention, you need to ensure the IP address of your computer should be the same as router. For example, if the computer’s Ip is 192.168.0. X ( X can be the range of 2 ro 253), and the subnet mask should be 

Recover tplinkwifi login password by tplinkwifi Admin password

You must remember the tplinkwifi admin login password to follow this method. This feature allows you to recover the login password you set for your router in case you forget it. In case you have forgotten it and are not able to open the management page, please scroll above to read the relevant instructions or click here. 

Quick Note: If you use TP-link ID to get yourself logged into the web management page, the password feature will get automatically disabled.You can manage the TP link ID though, simply go to BASIC then TP- link Cloud. 

Following steps to recover tplinkwifi lost password with admin password:-

  1. Get onto a computer and access tplinkwifi web based interface. 
  2. Locate ADVANCED in the toolbar, click it.
  3. Then  click System tools > Administration and then locate the Password Recovery section. 
  4. Check the Enable password recovery checkbox, this is for the future ease. 
  5. We’re going a bit technical here to keep paying attention. For sending the recovery letter you need to specify a mailbox (from), enter its SMTP Server address. Then to receive the recovery letter specify another (To) mailbox.
  6. While sending the recovery letter, From mailbox will require encryption, here you have to enable the authentication and enter its username and password.
  7. Click Save. 


If you don’t know much about the SMTP Server, we’d like to tell you that SMTP servers are available for most webmail users. Take example of Gmail, it is For more brief information you can refer to Help Page to learn more.

Wejn mailbox requires an authentication so be mindful to select the Enable Authentication.

How to change the administrative username or password of TP-Link device?

Read the below steps to make changes to the Tplink Administrative username and password. It is always recommended to change the tplinkwifi admin password to secure your network from the hackers. 

Quick Note: 

  1. Get yourself logged in to Tplinkwifi web based management page. Click here to know how to.
  2. The following steps may differ as Web based Management UI of different models. 
  3. SOHO Switches and Adaptors do not require Web management UI.
Follow below steps to change admin password for WiFi routers.
  1. Locate ADVANCED and select it. 
  2. Then select System Tools > Administration and other complete settings in the Management Section.  
  3. Now on the Password reset page enter the current username and password. 
  4. Create a new admin credential for the upcoming loings.
Follow below steps to change admin password for Modem/ Gateways:- 
  1. Locate MAINTENANCE, select it. 
  2. Then select ADMINISTRATION.
  3. Create a new login password here for upcoming logins you make.
  4. Click Save. 

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